I thought I’d be able to use the colour palette that I used in chapter one, but this comic somehow went super-saturated in this chapter??? I have no idea why that happened, but when compared to chapter three, my colouring in chapter one looks so bland and boring! So Irya’s village got a brand new super-saturated colour palette.

Also, my eternal writerly insecurities over whether the stuff I drew is getting across the things that I want to get across is hitting hard with this flashback. There’s a few more pages to go though, so we’ll see how I feel about that once I’m done drawing this thing, hahahhh.

Also also: When I initially wrote the script for this chapter, this flashback wasn’t in there. It’s one of those last-minute-addition things. I don’t even have the script for the next few pages written yet, but I want to start drawing the next page today, so I’ll have to figure it all out super-quick!!