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Whoops, it looks like I coloured pages 29-31 all wrong and the sun was shining from the completely wrong direction. Hopefully nobody noticed, hahh, but I’ll have t fix this sometime….

And for my end-of-chapter write-up:

Most of chapter 5 was written in November 2010. That long scene that opens the chapter, before we cut away to the two not-country-bumpkins, is completely unchanged from what I wrote back then (apart from some re-wording of a few lines, which doesn’t count). Same thing for the scene right after, before the two new characters jump out of the bushes. Which is kinda funny, considering that it used to lead to a completely different storyline.

In November 2010, I was yet to come up with this storyline, but I was doing the NaNoWriMo, so I had to keep writing, even though I had absolutely no ideas for the second arc of the story. So I came up with a story about a boy and a friend of his. Where the first scene cuts away to the girl and the old man noticing the smoke, in 2010, it was a boy and his grandfather noticing the smoke, and then barging in on the protagonists with scythes in hand. But once I was done writing chapter 5, I had absolutely no idea how to drive that arc to the ending that I vaguely envisioned in my head, and there my NaNoWriMo came to an end.

Sometime in early 2011, I was lurking on a writer’s forum, and saw a thread about fruit-based magic. One person in the thread was suggesting watermelons that explode with water, but nobody seemed particularly enthusiastic about the idea. I, on the other hand, thought that it was absolutely awesome. So I made a post telling everyone that I’m totally stealing the idea, and since nobody objected, I went along with it. Though I had to change watermelons to pumpkins because this bit of the story is set during autumn. So I’m not sure if this still counts as me stealing that idea.

I came up with that little girl’s character, and to have more than just fruit magic going for her, I also threw in an idea that I got from a dream. I first thought that this arc will take place somewhere very late into the story, but as 2011 went on, it became increasingly clear that it didn’t fit anywhere late on.

At the same time, it was also becoming increasingly clear that my initial idea for the second arc was just boring. I started wondering about whether my policy of always keeping the best for last made any sense. What’s the point of having all that good stuff in store for later, if I then have to force myself to come up with uninspired early chapters that the audience will have to trudge through? It was a stupid policy, so I decided to reverse it, and everything that could be brought forward in the story, I brought forward.

I discarded my initial idea for the second arc of Bits Fair, and replaced it with this story.

The last two scenes of this chapter come from what I wrote during the NaNoWriMo 2010 too, I simply changed the location and the secondary characters. Everything else in chapter 5 was written in mid-2011.