Chapter 2 cover.


Quite similar to the chapter 1 cover! Nothing fancy. All the chapter covers will be something like this.

Also, I guess I could link to this. (Though I think that’s less of a character design evolution and more of a drawing style evolution.)

The chapter 1 cover.


I finally drew the chapter cover! Here it is!

I’m glad I drew it now and not back in August, it took me a few months to figure out how I wanted Irya to look (I posted a comparison between Irya on page 3 and Irya on page 63 up on Tumblr, a week ago). I actually spent most of the last three days fixing how he looks in the older pages (pages 3-11 especially saw a lot of re-drawing), but I won’t be replacing the pages on the website. I actually intended to do it, but as I opened the psd file for page 3 to save it as an internet-friendly jpeg, I realised that the partially-done panel I posted under the page didn’t really correspond with what was on the actual page any more (I re-drew Irya’s hair), and so I’d either have to delete that bit or write something in there to explain the discrepancy, at which point I decided to not bother replacing the page to begin with.

Also: as you can see, I’m exceedingly creative with titles. You should be able to guess what the title of chapter 2 will be pretty easily (hint: it features a girl). And if you’ve ever found yourself wondering what “Bits Fair” is even supposed to mean, then don’t worry, it doesn’t mean anything, I just couldn’t come up with anything better. (The development title of Bits Fair was “The Fair,” because back when I came up with this story, the only thing I knew about it was that it was going to feature a fair. That’s not what the story is about, though, so once it was time to come up with a real title, I just replaced “The” with “Bits,” because I wrote most of the story in bits and pieces and out of order. (So I guess one could find a meaning in this title, if one tried hard enough.))