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On hold.

On hold. published on

I know the general Webcomics Wisdom is to never go back and never redo, but I’m going to go back and redo. Chapter 6 and all the chapter 7 pages that I have drawn so far will be thrown out. I will also most likely redo the last few pages of chapter 5.

Why am I doing this? This story arc has not been turning to be particularly good and I forced myself to draw chapter 6 regardless of the fact that I had zero enthusiasm about it. This has also negatively affected the quality of my art, so I’ve generally been creating really sub-par stuff lately. This story deserves better than this, and I want to be making something I can feel satisfied with, so even though I thought I could just finish drawing this story arc as it is, and try to do better on the next one… I can’t!

So the comic is on hold while I rewrite, and it’s going to return in August.