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The “hire me forever” bit is not very realistic, but that’s a younger Irya.

And relating to that: the specific chronology of flashbacks is not important, but the one we had in chapter one was from when Irya was 8 and Canna was 15, while this one is from somewhere around a year before that. And there will be more flashbacks! I will definitely be using them as an excuse to get to draw more Canna, haha.

Also: that girl is clearly Ananda’s long lost twin.

Also also: it’s the end of December! So this is the last update of 2014. This is the end of my favourite part of this chapter, and I think it’s a pretty good note to end the year on. Thanks for reading my comic, everyone! I love you all so much T_T

See you again in 2015! This comic will last for many years to come!