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Chapter end!

I probably say this every time, but it’s so odd that I’m done drawing this chapter. I started drawing it at the start of June and finished drawing it at the end of November, so that was entire six months to get used to the fact that this chapter isn’t something that only lives inside my brain any more, but still, it’s so odd! I guess it’s always going to be like this, that’s what you get when you spend a few years thinking about a story on an almost daily basis before you actually start drawing it. I’m so used to Bits Fair being something that only exists in my imagination!

And the writerly notes:

I wrote this chapter during the NaNoWriMo 2010. It came to me much more easily than the other chapters I wrote at that time, mainly because I already knew everything I intended to write. I didn’t have any of it written down, but it had been floating in my head for months by that point.

This chapter also stayed quite intact when compared to chapter 1. It’s almost completely identical to what I wrote in 2010. The edits that I did do concerned some of Ananda’s lines, because all those rewrites I did to chapter 2 ended up somewhat changing her personality. I also added the flashback that Irya has on pages 43-48 in summer 2014, around two months before it was time to start drawing that part, and then I went ahead and mashed that flashback with another one that I imagined in 2012 (but didn’t figure out the dialogue for until it was time to sit down and draw it). So the first part of the flashback was written in 2014, the second half I came up with in 2012, and the rest of the chapter was written in 2010. It’s kinda funny how Current Me is collaborating with the Past Me, haha.

Next chapter: MORE AUTUMN FAIR! MORE FIGHTS! MORE IRYA FREAKING OUT! Look forward to it! (I myself am mostly looking forward to drawing all the dialogue scenes.)